Merit Solutions Australia

Emeritus Professor Ron Passfield is a co-owner with his life partner, Anne-Marie Carroll, of Merit Solutions Australia.  Anne-Marie is the Managing Director of the Company and President of Stepping Stone – a member-based community dedicated to empowerment of people experiencing mental illness.  Ron is also a Director and Executive Consultant with Merit Solutions.  Both Ron and Anne-Marie are lifetime members of the Action Learning, Action Research Association (ALARA).

Merit Solutions core values are integrity, people, and results.  Its operational values reflect a strong client-focus and ethical behaviour.  Merit Solutions Australia specialises in providing human resources services to the public sector (Australian Government, Queensland Government and Local Government organisations) as well as to not-for-profit organisations. 

Merit Solutions provides learning and development programs, organisational consultancy and a range of specific organisational services such as psychological assessment, recruitment and selection and related services (including scribing, shortlisting, membership of selection panels).  Organisational consultancy covers a very wide range of activities encompassed in organisational restructuring and change management.  Training and development programs cover applying for jobs, selecting managers and staff, and the whole gamut of personal and organisational development, including team building, managing virtual teams and manager development.

Merit Solutions Australia was established in 1996 and has flourished despite the Global Economic Crisis, major downsizing in State Government services (and related freezes on Merit’s core services) and the COVID19 pandemic.  The organisation has grown through word-of-mouth recommendations, strong client satisfaction with its professional service and value-for-money.  Merit Solutions regularly employs 20 consultants on a part-time basis, all of whom have had extensive careers in significant human-resource related roles within Government, Private Sector and/or the Not-for-Profit sector.

Alliance for mutual benefit

Merit Solutions has an ongoing alliance with Julie Cork & Associates via Ron’s work with Julie, the work of various Merit Solutions consultants with our alliance partner and Julie’s occasional work with our company on a contractor basis.  Over the past 15 years, Ron and Julie have provided the Confident People Management program focused on developing managerial mindfulness, particularly in relation to people management.

Ron and Julie have conducted in excess of 70 longitudinal, action learning based, manager development programs face-to-face across the State of Queensland, and more recently, via the web conference platform, Zoom.  These manager development programs conducted primarily for managers and executives in the Queensland Government have involved in excess of 1,500 managers.  The Confident People Management Program employs multiple reflective practices to build managerial mindfulness and conscious development of a productive and mentally healthy workplace culture.

Over the past decade, Ron and Julie have undertaken organisational consultancies, primarily in the public sector. More recently, however, their consultancy work has been focused on not-for-profit organisations, especially in the field of mental health.  Many of these organisation need to develop strategic plans and engage in organisational rebuilding and restructuring following the impact of the pandemic.  In many cases organisations are looking to implement staff wellness programs in the light of the impact of the pandemic on personal and organisational wellness.